Must be wondering what my design intervention is? It’s wearable art for window display

Ever heard of a garment made of paper? Well this isn’t about only hearing, it’s about dropping your cheese burst pizza and rushing to admire it. Not only admire it, admire it with lust. Don’t mistake it as ordinary paper, it’s a paper whose every inch of thread is made to fit in this wedding apparel. Furthermore, this apparel is made with the perfect combination of proficiency & craftsmanship. Why? To make your wedding day remarkable, to make you experience bunch of people looking at you with all theirs  jaw dropped.IMG_20170430_233340


The process continues with 2d map and as a group project we failed to attract our faculty with our 1st attempt of making 2d map. Implementation of our ideas didn’t went well. We couldn’t come up with another ideas and other groups had finished their 2d maps by that time. We did slow but progressed. Finally me and my group members agreed on the same idea and started implementing those ideas. We agreed on stitching and making Rajouri’s map but again occurred a problem that I didn’t know stitching. My friends helped me with that and learnt new things during this course of time. Well, I knw it was a small thing but I was proud of myself when I started stitching. Someone said try,try till you succeed and we did that till we finished it off and got complimented for it.WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 5.58.10 AM


Wedding bells topped our list and became the micro area for our project. For one that it had a lot for us to do and second, that it is one of the most famous shop amongst all others in Rajouri. The staff their was welcoming and kind enough to let us interview them in between their busy day. This shop does not sell , but rent one clothes and jewellery for weddings.

It had a huge variety for both men and women. Their collection was both different and vibrant than compared to other shops that we looked at. The collection of its jewellery was also a pretty one. It mostly had kundan jewellery. The designs were attractive and eye catching. Over all , it proved to be a good choice for us.


Second visit of our research, and we went with a different perspective and went home with a different one. On the 2nd day we got to observe the product culture and the social culture the market held altogether. Rajouri being the macro area , we had to look for a micro area from within the market. For a start we went and observed every shop that could have possible design intervention areas for my team to work on. Talking to the people who had worked their since a very long time or had been staying in the neighbourhood of the market was a huge help. This visit was a lot more different than my 1st visit as it was more detailed and informative. Ending the day , we decided on a few shops that could work as out micro area. They were Pac Jewellers , little angels , wedding bells and rajesh juice corner ; all with different variety of availability. To know which shop made it to the top choice , stay tuned for the next post.


Rajouri , one of the most popular and busy markets of West Delhi , was my research ground for this project. I entered that market as a clean canvas but by the end of the day, I had meddled in. Rajouri has a lot of variety and gives one a lot of options to choose from. May it be anything like shoes, clothes , food , etc. You name it and the market has it at your disposal. Although being one of the most conjusted markets , it manages to pull the crowd in a large no. We explored some great shops , my most favourite one was , of course a food shop. Atul chaat will give you the best street food experience one can get. Having a lot of variation , the market is better preferred for wedding wear. After having done a research, I would just like to say that this market will never fail to fill your hands with shopping bags.



You guys must have missed me. Enough with the boring talks, now comes the module I was looking forward to work on. To introduce you with the module, it’s called the DESIGN PROCESS. This time we aren’t just sitting in class and doing work it’s more than that. As a class we got an opportunity to study and observe Rajouri Garden main market, the place I have never been before. Exploring the area like Rajouri sounds fun and easy but at the same time it is hard to work on as it is a huge place. We were divided in groups of five to work on this project. In this module we have to study the macro area which is Rajouri Garden market and then choose 5 micro areas to work as a design intervention. I am looking forward to get going on this project.



Talking about colours interests everyone

The traditional colours of my craft are Indigo, dark brown and tints of white which indicates three major Hindu Gods which are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. These are most commonly available natural dye.

Do you know how these colours are made?

Let me tell you

Blue is obtained from Indigo

Orange and red are obtained from henna

Lilac and mauve from logwood

Black is created by burning iron in molasses and cochineal from insects

Reference: Traditional colours included in batik. Retrieved from: http://www.indianmirror.com/culture/indian-specialties/Batikfabric.html



What do people think of batik craft? Have you ever thought of the keywords that relate to batik?

I have and I want to show my brainstorming sheet to you all.

All the pictures in my inspiration have something in common. Can you figure it out?

Oh yes! It’s the cracks. Unique thing about batik is the cracks formed while doing this craft.

I got inspired by the folk dances, animals, nature and the technique used in this craft.

Key words that I picked up from my brainstorming sheet are the traditional motifs which are related to nature, folk scenes, human figures.

The other point that caught my eyes is the process and the technique of batik which I will be taking forward for my swatches.