The process continues with 2d map and as a group project we failed to attract our faculty with our 1st attempt of making 2d map. Implementation of our ideas didn’t went well. We couldn’t come up with another ideas and other groups had finished their 2d maps by that time. We did slow but progressed. Finally me and my group members agreed on the same idea and started implementing those ideas. We agreed on stitching and making Rajouri’s map but again occurred a problem that I didn’t know stitching. My friends helped me with that and learnt new things during this course of time. Well, I knw it was a small thing but I was proud of myself when I started stitching. Someone said try,try till you succeed and we did that till we finished it off and got complimented for it.WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 5.58.10 AM


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