In every walk with art, one receives far more than he seeks.

This module is an introduction to design, tools and technique. In this, we had to choose from 5 categories, which were, Indian craft, International craft, folk art, tribal art and design movement. Indian craft has its own cultural ethos, traditions of craft vary from each other. International craft said by it’s name which is developed worldwide. Folk art expresses cultural values and traditions that come from community. Tribal art generally refers to artifacts created in the past. Last but not the least, design movement is a style that upholds a philosophy by group of artists. The three topics upon which I finally decided to work were shibori-an International craft; batik-an Indian craft; Gond art-a tribal art. Out of these, Batik craft caught my attention because of its unqiueness. It’s technique impressed me. It’s patterns and effects made it different from other crafts.



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