Can’t resist the beauty of batik?

Batik is a process of decorating a cloth peice by covering a part of it with a wax coat and then dyeing the cloth. The waxed areas retain the same colour and the unwaxed areas get the colour of the dye. When the wax is removed, the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas gives the pattern.

The Batik effect is one of a kind in that the wax cracks amid taking care of, either deliberately or not. In every colour shower, the splits in the wax permit the colour to achieve the texture making the special batik effect. It should be possible on cottons, silks and other regular fabrics. There is a fascinating way of getting peculiar effect of batik. Stay tuned and you’ll get to know how can we get that effect in my next post.

Reference: Batikguild. Retrieved from


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